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Name:Rei of Writing
Location:United States of America
Website:A single Shard upon the Shore
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a rei of writing

This community houses the fanworks of [info]etharei.

My interests are varied and ever-changing; I often participate in multiple fandoms at a time, and occasionally find ways to pour them all into one big crossover, if only to cut down on the number of open tabs on my browser. To see what I'm into at any given time, please refer to my most recent entries, though these are not necessarily accurate, either, as a I frequently forget to post for weeks at a time.

Much love and gratitude to all friends, cheering squads, and kindly commenters. I am, to be frank, utterly terrible at responding to comments. No disrespect or slight is intended; it's very definitely me, not you. Please be assured that every morsel of feedback is read and appreciated.

{my fandoms}
the lord of the rings | doctor who | queer as folk (us) | discworld | harry potter | alexander the great (movie & renault-verse) | adam lambert | torchwood | merlin | sherlock (bbc) | marvel universe

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etharei's journalFANWORKS MASTERPOSTresourcesArchive of Our Own


All recognizable characters, settings, etc. featured in the written or graphic works posted on this site remain the property of their respective owners. The author is in no way associated with the owners or creators. No copyright infringement is intended, and no profit is being made from the online publication of these works.


This LiveJournal community contains material of an adult nature. If you're below the age of consent in your locality (it's usually 18), I strongly advise you to leave. I will not be held responsible for any young eyes seeing what their elders should have been making sure they don't. Most of this material will be in the form of male slash (aka sexual relations between two males) and/or graphic violence. If this offends you, then please go somewhere else. You have been warned.

Rating guidelines

G - Would you read it to a young child? If yes, it's G. No sexuality alluded to except in hints. Nothing beyond a hug or kiss on the cheek.

PG - Short kisses, cuddling, some action/mild violence. Sexuality alluded to. A kiss on the mouth that does not include tongue. Minor angst or emotional trauma okay.

PG-13 - Kissing with tongue, clothed frottage, blood. Some violence, not extreme. Sexuality talked about but nothing done below the waist.

R - Sex, with no description of penetration, gore. Violence.

NC-17 - Fully descriptive sexual acts, explicit or graphic sex. Torture, strong BDSM, extreme violence.

(Ratings guideline taken from Of Elves and Men, and was put together by Lobelia at Manly Men)

Why a community and not a writing journal?
To be completely honest, I just wanted to see the differences between a community and a journal ::grins::

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All stock photographs taken from Stock Exchange.

Colourbar from the talented [info]eamesie.

RESOURCE LIST with credit to the brushes, fonts, textures, and tutorials that I've used.

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